Bioresonance in 3 steps


Before you visit the BIORESONA bioresonance center


Having all sorts of body and life issues? Trying to figure out what to do and who to choose for help? Here's why you should choose the BIORESONA bioresonance center. Today we are exposed an abundance of toxins in the environment, in our food, and the stressful pace of life that influence our well-being and physical health.

BIORESONA bioresonance quickly and effectively locates these stress factors that burden well-being and health. BIORESONA's staff works with individuals to create personalized care programs for your ailments.
Our health experts are medical professionals educated in bioresonance. The BIORESONA method has over 25 years of development and practice.

Call us to learn more; our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions and make an appointment for you. You can bring all worries to us; we'll make sure they stay with us.


Watch the video Your First Visit to the BIORESONA Bioresonance Center


When you arrive at the BIORESONA center, our friendly staff will first show you an explanatory video about BICOM bioresonance. Everything around us vibrates, including our body's cells.

The BICOM device captures these unhealthy waves and transforms them into healthy waves. Our professional team locates and determines the factors affecting your body by a special, painless method developed by Dr. Rome. After establishing the stages of treatment, we begin therapy using the BICOM device. The experience is pleasant, relaxing, painless and has no side effects so this therapy is suitable for children too. All the problems that you bring to us stay with us. For more information, call the closest center or visit


Watch the video After Visiting the BIORESONA Center


After visiting the BIORESONA center, we recommend you drink plenty of fresh water, eat according to the recommendations we give you, and have enough rest and daily physical activity. The number of sessions varies depending on the patient and symptoms. Sometimes, just a few sessions produce a lasting effect. In some cases treatments must be repeated at longer intervals. For one to three days after therapy, you may feel slightly worse while your body is recovering ... just remember to drink water and follow the given recommendations or contact us if you have questions. After a day the feeling will pass.

Remember. You can always contact us if you have any kind of question.
For more information, call the closest center or visit